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DM-R's white paper database contains reports from the leading thought-leaders and idea generators in the Digital Manufacturing industry.

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IBM Technical Computing for a New Era
Source: IBM
Release Date:July 30, 2013

This white paper examines various means of adapting technical computing tools to accelerate product and services innovation across a range of commercial industries such as manufacturing, financial services, energy, healthcare, entertainment and retail. No longer is technically advanced computing limited to the confines of big government labs and academic centers. Today it is available to a wide range of organizations seeking a competitive edge.

Intel The UberCloud HPC Experiment: Compendium of Case Studies
Source: Intel
Release Date:June 25, 2013

The UberCloud HPC Experiment has achieved the volunteer participation of 500 organizations and individuals from 48 countries with the aim of exploring the end-to-end process employed by digital manufacturing engineers to access and use remote computing resources in HPC centers and in the cloud. This Compendium of 25 case studies is an invaluable resource for engineers, managers and executives who believe in the strategic importance of applying advanced technologies to help drive their organization’s productivity to perceptible new levels.

SAS Big Data and Big Analytics for Product and Process Quality
Source: SAS
Release Date:March 20, 2013

This white paper examines how an enterprise-wide quality platform can turn existing data into substantial and sustainable revenue growth and cost savings for global manufacturers. The paper is based on the findings of the IW/SAS Enterprise Quality Survey completed by more than 400 manufacturing executives. The objectives of the survey were to determine concerns about quality among manufacturers; investigate the tools used to measure quality; and examine how using enterprise-wide analysis on quality data improves performance.

TATA Steel Automotive Engineering Depends on Univa
Source: Univa
Release Date:July 19, 2011

TATA Steel Automotive Engineering’s concern grew when open source Grid Engine support and development was discontinued by Oracle. Grid Engine is a business critical application in their environment. They recognized the likelihood that product enhancements and innovations would cease. Read how TATA Steel Automotive Engineering moved from a self-support solution to Univa Grid Engine. You can get more out of your environment and your budget with Univa Grid Engine.

Modeling and Simulation among U.S. Manufacturers: The Case for Digital Manufacturing
Source: Intersect360
Release Date:June 4, 2011

This study reveals the desire and potential benefits of digital manufacturing for a broad range of companies, particularly the assistance needed by small and medium-size manufacturers (SMMs) and the partnerships they would seek.

Benchmark Report - Concrete Proof Virtualization Overhead is Low
Source: Univa
Release Date:June 4, 2011

The consideration to put applications in the Cloud begins with a discussion on what to expect in performance. This technical benchmark study documents the results of running EDA applications in a private cloud environment.

The Effect of MPI Collective Operations and MPI Collectives Offload on LS-DYNA® Performance
Release Date:June 4, 2011

From concept to engineering, and from design to test and manufacturing, the automotive industry relies on powerful virtual development solutions. In this paper we cover new hardware based accelerations and offloads for MPI collectives communications and how is affect LS-DYNA performance and productivity.

HPC: A Key Technology for Europe
Source: Planet HPC
Release Date:June 4, 2011

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a key enabler for economic growth in Europe today. It delivers a competitive edge to companies operating in the global marketplace allowing them to design and produce products and services that are better than those of their competitors.

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